Check List 10(1): 72-96, doi: 10.15560/10.1.72
Checklist of the Argentine Agaricales 7. Cortinariaceae and Entolomataceae
expand article infoNicolás Niveiro, Edgardo Albertó§
‡ Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina§ Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas- Instituto Tecnológico Chascomús, Argentina
Open Access
A checklist of species belonging to the families Cortinariaceae and Entolomataceae was made for Argentina. The list includes all species published until the year 2012. Nineteen genera and 444 species were recorded, 370 species from the family Cortinariaceae and 74 from Entolomataceae. All of them are distributed in 19 genera, the most important being Cortinarius (240 species), Galerina (51), Entoloma (39) and Inocybe (40). With the exception of Hebeloma (13 species), Gymnopilus (12) and Clitopilus (11), the rest of the 13 genera have less than 10 species each. Galeropsis, Locellina, Nolanea and Pseudogymnopilus have only one species recorded so far.
Cortinariaceaea; checklist; Entolomataceae; Fungi; Argentina