Check List 9(6): 1600-1602, doi: 10.15560/9.6.1600
A second record of Phaeocollybia megalospora var. tetraspora Singer, 1987 (Agaricales: Hymenogastraceae) from Brazil
expand article infoFernanda Karstedt, Jadson José Souza de Oliveira, Marina Capelari
‡ Instituto de Botânica, Brazil
Open Access
Phaeocollybia megalospora var. tetraspora was described from Amazonas State, and is reported now from Pará State, Brazil, as a second record. Phaeocollybia megalospora var. tetraspora is characterized by a conic pileus with the surface strongly viscid, and stipe with pseudorhiza. It differs from P. megalospora var. megalospora by the presence of four-spored basidia instead of two-spored. The present work provides macro- and micromorphological descriptions, illustrations and ITS and LSU sequences.
Agaricales; Hymenogastraceae; Brazil; Pará state; new record