Check List 9(6): 1538-1540, doi: 10.15560/9.6.1538
New records of Nasitrema atenuatta and Nasitrema globicephalae (Trematoda: Brachycladiidae) Neiland, Rice and Holden, 1970 in delphinids from South Atlantic
expand article infoMariana Bertholdi Ebert, Ana Luisa Schifino Valentere§
‡ Instituto de Pesquisas Cananéia, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil
Open Access
Twenty-one Sotalia guianensis (van Bénéden, 1864) and one Steno bredanensis (Lesson, 1828) stranded on Brazilian coast were necropsied. Two species of Nasitrema (Trematoda: Brachycladiidae) Ozaki, 1935, were identified in the respiratory tract of the dolphins. Nasitrema atenuatta (Neiland, Rice and Holden, 1970) was found in S. guianensis (prevalence 28.7%, mean intensity 4.66 and mean abundance 1.33) and S. bredanensis (mean intensity and mean abundance six helminths). Nasitrema globicephalae (Neiland, Rice and Holden, 1970) was only found in S. bredanensis, with an infection intensity of 14 helminths. Nasitrema atenuatta and N. globicephalae are reported for the first time in South Atlantic.
Trematoda; Brachycladiidae; new records; range extensions; Southwest Atlantic; Brazil; parasites