Check List 9(5): 1101-1103, doi: 10.15560/9.5.1101
Xenosaurus newmanorum Taylor, 1949 (Squamata: Xenosauridae): Occurrence in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico
expand article infoDaniel Lara-Tufiño, Aurelio Ramírez-Bautista, Raquel Hernández-Austria, Larry David Wilson§, Christian Berriozabal-Islas
‡ Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CIB), Mexico§ Centro Zamorano de Biodiversidad, Honduras
Open Access
Herein we report 22 individuals of Xenosaurus newmanorum representing a new state record for Hidalgo, Mexico from the Municipality of Pisaflores. Previously, this species was known only from the Municipality of Xilitla in San Luis Potosí. These new records extend the distribution of this species 13.6 km south of its previously known occurrence. We also compare total body and tail lengths for the lizards in addition to cloacal temperatures and several measurements associated with microhabitat characteristics, which are equivalent at all three sites. That microhabitat congruence suggests that its preservation is critical for protecting X. newmanorum from population decline.