Check List 9(5): 1046-1049, doi: 10.15560/9.5.1046
Rediscovery of Lonchophylla bokermanni Sazima, Vizotto and Taddei, 1978 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae: Lonchophyllinae) in Minas Gerais, and new records for Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil
expand article infoMaria Clara do Nascimento, Leonardo Henrique Dias, Renato Gregorin§, Gisele Lessa
‡ Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil
Open Access
We report the rediscovery of Lonchophylla bokermanni – a species threatened by extinction in Brazil – in Minas Gerais after 25 years (where it was known only from the type-locality), and add three new localities from Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil. The external and craniodental measurements of the additional specimens fall within the expected range of values for L. bokermanni, although specimens from the Atlantic Rainforest (Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo) show a tendency to be smaller.