Check List 9(5): 980-986, doi: 10.15560/9.5.980
An annotated checklist of the Grasses (Poaceae) of Southern Assam
expand article infoHussain Ahmed Barbhuiya, Biman Kumar Dutta§, Ajit Kumar Das§, Ananta Kumar Baishya|
‡ Botanical Survey of India, India§ Assam University, India| Laban, India
Open Access
We provide a checklist of grass flora along with the details of life form a ~ 6922 km2 area located in the southern part of Assam (Barak valley). This area harbors 98 grass species belonging to 49 genera of the Poaceae. Subfamily Panicoideae (52 species) had the highest number of species followed by Bambusoideae (25 species), Chloridoideae (13 species), Ehrhartoideae (4 species), Centothecoideae (3 species) and Arundinoideae (1 species), while subfamilies like Anomochlooideae, Aristidoideae, Danthonioideae, Pharoideae, Pooideae and Puelioideae were not represented. The region accounts ca. 32% of the diversity of grass flora of the state of Assam.