Check List 9(4): 844-846, doi: 10.15560/9.4.844
Range extension and geographic distribution of the poorly known species, Contomastix leachei Peracca, 1897 (Squamata: Teiidae)
expand article infoFederico José Arias, Francisco Barrios§, Antonio Palavecino§
‡ Universidad Nacional de Salta; Universidade de São Paulo, Argentina§ Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina
Open Access
The records of distribution of Contomastix leachei Peracca, 1897 indicate that this species is endemic of Southeast Jujuy Province, occurring only in the Ledesma Department. Here, we report the southernmost known locality of this species, from Alemanía, Salta Province, Argentina. This record represents the southern limit of distribution of the species. We also provide an updated range map for this species based on data from museum records and field studies. 
Herpetology; Squamata