Check List 9(4): 714-724, doi: 10.15560/9.4.714
Checklist of amphibians and reptiles of the state of Durango, México
expand article infoRosaura Valdez Lares, Raúl Muñiz Martínez, Héctor Gadsden§, Gustavo Aguirre León|, Gamaliel Castañeda Gaytán, Rolando González Trápaga#
‡ Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Unidad Durango. Mexico, Mexico§ Instituto de Ecología, Complejo Industrial Chihuahua, Mexico| Instituto de Ecología, El Haya, Mexico, Mexico¶ Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango, Mexico# Instituto de Ecología, El Haya, Mexico
Open Access
We compiled a list of the herpetofauna of the state of Durango, México, based on published records. The checklist contains 151 species (33 amphibians and 118 reptiles) allocated to one or more of the four major ecoregions of the state. We identified many gaps in the current knowledge of the herpetofauna of Durango, concerning the number of species and their distribution in the state, and hence, further surveys and taxonomic studies are needed to improve the completeness of this checklist.
herpetofauna; ecoregions; taxonomy