Check List 9(2): 313-322, doi: 10.15560/9.2.313
A checklist of the mammals (Mammalia) from Durango, western Mexico
expand article infoDiego F. García-Mendoza, Celia López-González
‡ CIIDIR Unidad Durango, Mexico
Open Access
An updated list of the mammals of Durango state, Mexico was built from literature records and Museum specimens. A total of 139 species have been recorded, representing 28.3 % of the Mexican terrestrial mammals, and 25.1 % species more compared to the previous account. Two species have been extirpated from the state, 23 are endemic to Mexico. Four major ecoregions have been previously defined for the state, Arid, Valleys, Sierra, and Quebradas. Species richness is highest at the Quebradas, a tropical ecorregion, whereas the aridlands are the least species-rich. The Sierra has the highest number of endemic species (11) followed by Quebradas (7), Valleys and Arid (3). Despite the fact that Durango harbors one of the largest diversities of mammals of the country, conservation efforts are minimal, and the current protected areas do not include the most species-rich regions. The current rate of anthropogenic modification in the state makes urgent to put in practice already existing plans to protect Durango’s unique biodiversity.