Check List 9(2): 294-297, doi: 10.15560/9.2.294
Bats of Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico, Greater Antilles
expand article infoIsha R. Alexander, Keith Geluso
‡ University of Nebraska at Kearney, United States of America
Open Access
Herein, we present captures of bats from Vieques, a small subtropical island located southeast of Puerto Rico. We captured 82 individuals representing 4 species, including 59 Noctilio leporinus, 9 Artibeus jamaicensis, 9 Molossus molossus, and 5 Stenoderma rufum. All S. rufum and M. molossus were captured in subtropical moist forests, whereas both N. leporinus and A. jamaicensis were captured in both subtropical moist and dry forests. Sternoderma rufum is an endemic species of concern in the region. Vieques represents only the 5th island where this relatively rare species has been captured in the past 30 years. Conservation of subtropical moist forests on Vieques likely is important for the conservation and management of S. rufum and additional information about the natural history of all bats is warranted on Vieques.