Check List 9(2): 275-293, doi: 10.15560/9.2.275
An illustrated angiosperm flora of Cerrado and Riparian Forest, São Carlos, Brazil
expand article infoCatia Urbanetz, Gustavo Hiroaki Shimizu§, Maria Inês Salgueiro Lima|
‡ Embrapa Pantanal, Brazil§ Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil| Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil
Open Access
We surveyed a Cerrado and Riparian Forest vegetation area located at São Carlos Federal University (21°58’ S, 47°51’ W). The objective of the survey was to provide a full inventory of the area’s angiosperm flora. This inventory was conducted in a region in which few remnants of Cerrado and Riparian Forest are left because of the destruction of these habitats to provide land for sugar cane and citrus cultivation. We identified 188 species. These species belong to 140 genera and 55 families. We obtained images of 117 species, including details of inflorescences, flowers and fruits, to support our identifications. These results highlight the importance of the preservation of this reserve because the area offers a species-rich flora in a location where few fragments of native vegetation exist and because the area could be of interest for establishing ecological corridors.