Check List 9(2): 246-256, doi: 10.15560/9.2.246
Fishes of the Salonga National Park (Congo basin, central Africa): a list of species collected in the Luilaka, Salonga, and Yenge Rivers (Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of Congo)
expand article infoRaoul J.C. Monsembula Iyaba, Melanie L.J. Stiassny§
‡ Université de Kinshasa, Congo§ erican Museum of Natural History,
Open Access
A list of fishes collected in and around the periphery of the Salonga National Park in Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo is provided. While noteworthy for a wide array of rare and endangered terrestrial vertebrates, the fish fauna of the Salonga National Park, the largest protected area in Africa, is very poorly known. One hundred and fifty two species distributed in 24 families are reported on here; of which 9 represent putatively undescribed taxa currently under investigation. Lack of up-to-date taxonomic and distributional knowledge of African fishes is particularly acute in the central Congo basin and the present report, while undoubtedly incomplete, provides a foundation for much needed further work in the region.