Check List 9(1): 92-93, doi: 10.15560/9.1.92
New record of the humming frog Chiasmocleis supercilialbus Morales and McDiarmid, 2009 (Amphibia: Microhylidae) in Brazil, the first outside its type locality
expand article infoDaniella Pereira Fagundes de França, Marco Antonio de Freitas§, Paulo Sérgio Bernarde, Pedro Luiz Vieira Peloso|
‡ Universidade Federal do Acre, Brazil§ Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade (ICMBio), Brazil| Division of Vertebrate Zoology (Herpetology) and Richard Gilder Graduate School, United States of America
Open Access
We provide the first record of Chiasmocleis supercilialbus for Brazil. Thre especimens were collected at Seringal Etelvi, Reserva Extrativista Chico Mendes, state of Acre, Brazil. This record extends the distribution of the species 200 km east from the type locality situated at Manu National Park, Manu River, Departamento Madre de Dios, Peru.