Check List 8(5): 896-897, doi: 10.15560/8.5.896
Ophiodes intermedius Boulenger, 1894 (Squamata: Anguidae): Uruguay distribution extension with conservation comments
expand article infoMarcelo Colina, Diego Arrieta, Santiago Carreira§
‡ Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Uruguay§ Museo Nacional de Historia Natural Instituto de Ecología y Ciencias Ambientales, Uruguay
Open Access
A new locality for Ophiodes intermedius is reported for Uruguay. The new record at Punta Gorda, Departamento Colonia, is the first departmental record, and extends the known distribution in Uruguay approximately 150 km to the south. This taxon is restricted to the fast developing western littoral of Uruguay, and a frequent assessment of its regional conservation status is recommended.