Check List 8(4): 763-764, doi: 10.15560/8.4.763
Beilschmiedia berteroana (Gay) Kosterm (Lauraceae): a new population of importance for conservation and distribution in the Maule Region of Central Chile
expand article infoPablo Bravo-Monasterio, Gonzalo Gallardo Ramírez, Gabriela Baeza Horta
Open Access
This study reports the location of new populations of Beilschmiedia berteroana (Gay) Kosterm in Achibueno, 32 km to southeast of the city of Linares, Maule Region, central Chile. This finding is of utmost importance for the conservation of B. berteroana on account of its mass disappearance stemming from the clear cutting and construction of a dam on the Ancoa river in the Maule region. During the months of March to December of 2011 we sampled a population with 25 adult individuals dispersed in approximately 10000 m2 located 40 km to the south of the previously known population in the Bellotos del Melado National Reserve. It is recommended that support be given to new scientific research and work for conservation this species.