Check List 8(4): 744-751, doi: 10.15560/8.4.744
Angiosperms from the Araripe National Forest, Ceará, Brazil
expand article infoSuelma Ribeiro-Silva, Marcelo Brilhante de Medeiros, Beatriz Machado Gomes, Emídia Naiana Costa Seixas, Maria Arlene Pessoa da Silva
Open Access
This study provides a species list of the angiosperms from the Araripe National Forest (ANF) in the south part of Ceará state, northeastern Brazil. The floristic survey recorded 188 species from 55 Angiosperm families. The most species-rich families were Fabaceae (31), Rubiaceae (17), Asteraceae (14), Bignoniaceae (10), Myrtaceae (9), Euphorbiaceae (7), Apocynaceae and Malpighiaceae (7) and Annonaceae and Solanaceae (5). The flora of the ANF is composed of typical species from the vegetation physiognomies of Cerrado sensu lato such as cerradão and cerrado sensu stricto and it is influenced by the northeastern phytogeographic Cerrado province. Furthermore, there are influences of ecotones between these physiognomies, seasonal forests and carrascos within the Caatinga biome. In addition to four threatened species that were recorded, the ANF also harbors species that represent important incomes for local communities because of the non-timber forest products, such as Dimorphandra gardneriana Tul. and Caryocar coriaceum Wittm.