Check List 8(4): 693-702, doi: 10.15560/8.4.693
Amphibians from southeastern state of Pará: Carajás Region, northern Brazil
expand article infoLeandra Cardoso Pinheiro, Youszef Oliveira da Cunha Bitar, Ulisses Galatti, Selvino Neckel-Oliveira, Maria Cristina dos Santos-Costa
Open Access
The region of Carajás in the southeast of the state of Pará, Brazil, harbors five reserves, with various managing categories, distributed throughout five municipalities. A list of amphibians known to occur in this region was compiled using information on the specimens deposited in the herpetological collection of the Goeldi Museum, collected during the past four decades (1969 - 2010). According to the available metadata, the species were tabulated in three environments: ombrophylous forest (rainforest), metalophic savanna (MS) and anthropic areas (AA - secondary forest - disturbed areas), resulting in 13 families and 71 species (66 anurans and 5 Gymnophiona). Ombrophylous forest has 50 species, anthropic areas has 49 species, while metalophic savanna has 38 species of anuran.