Check List 8(4): 626-629, doi: 10.15560/8.4.626
New records of Grammicolepis brachiusculus Poey, 1873 (Zeiformes: Grammicolepididae) in Brazilian waters, with a key to Western Atlantic species of Grammicolepididae
expand article infoAlfredo Carvalho-Filho, Guy Marcovaldi§, Flavia Almeida Ribeiro|, Maria Isabel G. Paiva§, Cláudio L. S. Sampaio
‡ Fish-Bizz Ltda., Brazil§ Projeto Tamar-ICMBio, Brazil| ojeto Tamar-ICMBio,¶ Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil
Open Access
Grammicolepis brachiusculus, commonly known as Thorny tinselfish, was previously cited from Brazilian waters, but not thoroughly documented. Here we report about a new record of this species, based on three voucher specimens, 169.2–196.3 mm SL, collected off Bahia, Brazil. This report extends the range of the species southwards for a distance of about 3,500 kilometers along the South American coastline. Given its rarity, an updated diagnosis of the species, and an identification key to the Western Atlantic species of Grammicolepididae, are provided.