Check List 8(3): 469-490, doi: 10.15560/8.3.469
Amphibians and Reptiles of Luzon Island (Philippines), VII: Herpetofauna of Ilocos Norte Province, Northern Cordillera Mountain Range
expand article infoRafe M. Brown, Carl H. Oliveros§, Cameron D. Siler§, Jason B. Fernandez|, Luke J. Welton§, Perry Archival C. Buenavente|, Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, Arvin C. Diesmos
‡ University of Kansas (USA) National Museum of the Philippines, Philippines§ University of Kansas, United States of America| National Museum of the Philippines, Philippines¶ University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Open Access
We report new distribution records for amphibians and reptiles from 20 localities within the northern Cordillera Mountain Range of Ilocos Norte Province, Luzon Island, Philippines. Together with opportunistic collections of specimens from past surveys, our new data result in a total of 58 amphibian and reptile species for Ilocos Norte Province and the extreme northern Cordilleras—all of which constitute major geographic range extensions. We utilize new data and IUCN formalized conservation assessment criteria to revise the conservation status of many species. Our results highlight the degree to which fundamental distribution data are lacking for Luzon amphibians and reptiles and emphasize the manner in which many current species assessments are based on incomplete data and, as a result, may be sorely misleading. The complex biogeography of Luzon’s herpetofauna remains poorly understood, providing opportunities for future research and conservation efforts once distribution patterns and local abundances are properly documented.