Check List 8(3): 437-442, doi: 10.15560/8.3.437
Checklist of the cicadas (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of Nicaragua including new records for seventeen species
expand article infoAllen F. Sanborn, Jean-Michel Maes§
‡ Barry University, United States of America§ Museo Entomológico, Nicaragua
Open Access
A current checklist of the Nicaraguan cicada fauna is provided. The first Nicaraguan records of Miranha imbellis (Walker, 1858), Diceroprocta bicosta (Walker, 1850), Diceroprocta ruatana (Distant, 1891), Fidicina mannifera (Fabricius, 1803), Fidicinoides cachla (Distant, 1899), Fidicinoides pronoe (Walker, 1850), Fidicinoides spinicosta (Walker, 1850), Pacarina championi (Distant, 1881), Pacarina schumanni Distant, 1905, Majeorona aper (Walker, 1850), Majeorona truncata Goding, 1925, Quesada gigas (Olivier, 1790), Procollina n. sp., Carineta cinara Distant, 1883, Carineta postica Walker, 1858, Carineta viridicata Distant, 1883, Herrera ancilla (Stål, 1864), Calyria telifera (Walker, 1858) and Conibosa occidentis (Walker, 1858) are provided. The new records increase the known cicada diversity 380% bringing the total number of cicada species reported in Nicaragua to 24 species in 16 genera representing eight tribes and two subfamilies of the family Cicadidae.