Check List 8(3): 414-420, doi: 10.15560/8.3.414
Checklist of nematodes (Nematoda: Adenophorea) from southeast continental shelf of India
expand article infoKapuli Gani Mohamed Thameemul Ansari, Seerangan Manokaran, Sanjeevi Raja, Syed Ajmal Khan, Somasundharanair Lyla
‡ Annamalai University, India
Open Access
A checklist of free-living marine nematode species recorded from the continental shelf region of southeast coast of India is presented (10°34.03’ to 15°14.48’ N and from 79°52.13’ to 80°53.87’E). The checklist comprise 191 species belonging to 97 genera in 32 families currently know from the area. We provided a synthesis of the taxonomical and ecological work carried out until now that could guide to future research.
Nematoda; India; marine nematodes