Check List 8(2): 283-285, doi: 10.15560/8.2.283
A new record confirms the occurrence of Aphanius mesopotamicus Coad, 2009, in southwestern Iran (Actinopterygii: Cyprinodontidae)
expand article infoYazdan Keivany, Mohammad Sadegh Alavi-Yeganeh§, Jafar Seyfabadi§
‡ Isfahan University of Technology, Iran§ Tarbiat Modares University, Iran
Open Access
We report the occurrence of Mesopotamian tooth carp, Aphanius mesopotamicus Coad 2009, in a southern branch of the Karkheh River, 10 km west of Hoor-Al-Azim Wetland. This is the first report of successful collection of this species after its first collection in 1978-80 and futile efforts during the last three decades and after its original description based on those old museum specimens.
Actinopterygii; Cyprinodontidae; Iran; Karkheh River; new record