Check List 8(2): 280-282, doi: 10.15560/8.2.280
Plantae, Myrtales, Memecylaceae, Memecylon macrocarpum Thwaites (1864): Distribution extension and geographic distribution map
expand article infoNarayanan Ayyappan, Bramasamdura Rangana Ramesh, Soupramanien Aravajy, Selvaraj Jeyakumar§
‡ French Institute of Pondicherry, India§ French Institute of Pondicherry VHNSN College, India
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The genus Memecylon L. has a paleotropical distribution, with about 300 species in the World, and about 30 in India. In this note we report the distribution extension of Memecylon macrocarpum Thwaites based on our diversity inventories in tropical evergreen forests at Uppangala in the Western Ghats, India. Additional distribution records of the species at Courtallum and Malayator were taken from the herbarium of the French Institute of Pondicherry (HIFP). This study highlights the importance of quantitative ecological inventories in determining species distributions and also confirms a greater range of occurrence of this species.
Myrtales; Memecylaceae; range extension; India; Western Ghats