Check List 8(2): 269-271, doi: 10.15560/8.2.269
New records of Trachycephalus mambaiensis (Amphibia: Hylidae) from a cerrado region in Minas Gerais state, Brazil
expand article infoJussara Santos Dayrell, Vitor Dias Fernandes, Mário Ribeiro Moura§, Renato Neves Feio
‡ Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de Viçosa Ecos Biota Consultoria Ambiental, Brazil
Open Access
In this article we report two new records of Trachycephalus mambaiensis for the state of Minas Gerais and present a map which represents the known distribution of this species. The record of T. mambaiensis from municipalities of Bonito de Minas and Januária, state of Minas Gerais represents a distribution extension of 190 km southern from the type locality, at the municipality of Mambaí, state of Goiás.
Amphibia; Hylidae; Cerrado; new records; Minas Gerais; Brazil