Check List 8(1): 181-183, doi: 10.15560/8.1.181
Bryozoa, Cheilostomata: first records of two invasive species in Australia and the northerly range extension for a third
expand article infoKevin J. Tilbrook
‡ Museum of Tropical Queensland, Australia
Open Access
Biofouling of international marine vessels is one of the most important mechanisms for the transfer of non-native-invasive species around the world. Bryozoan species are some of the commonest of these marine biofouling organisms found worldwide. Whilst some efforts have been made to document the bryozoan species in Australian ports, these surveys are very limited in number, poorly resolved and lack repetition. This paper records two invasive bryozoan species new to Australian waters (Hippoporina indica and Biflustra grandicella), and a northerly range extension of a known invasive bryozoan (Zoobotryon verticillatum).
Bryozoa; Cheilostomata; range extension; new records; Australia; invasive species