Check List 7(6): 886-888, doi: 10.15560/7.6.886
Uroderma magnirostrum Davis, 1968 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae): first record from the state of Sergipe, northeastern Brazil
expand article infoPatrício A. da Rocha, José Anderson Feijó, Juan Ruiz-Esparza§, Stephen F. Ferrari§
‡ Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil
Open Access
This study provides the first record of Uroderma magnirostrum Davis, 1968 from the state of Sergipe in the Brazilian northeast, based on the capture of two specimens, one male and one female. The morphometric data and morphological characters were consistent with those recorded for the species at other Brazilian sites. This record extends the distributional range of the species within South America approximately 220 km eastwards.