Check List 7(6): 809-810, doi: 10.15560/11038
Squamata, Serpentes, Micrurus silviae Di-Bernardo, Borges-Martins and Silva, 2007: presence confirmation in Paraguay
expand article infoPier Cacciali, Daniel Espínola§, Silvia Centrón Viñales, Irene Gauto Espínola, Hugo Cabral
‡ Asociación Guyra Paraguay, Paraguay§ Promotores ambientales, Paraguay
Open Access
Micrurus silviae is a coralsnake with a triadal pattern, and is one of the eight species found in southern South America. In Paraguay there are six taxa recorded: M. altirostris, M. baliocoryphus, M. frontalis, M. pyrrhocryptus, M. corallinus, and M. lemniscatus carvalhoi. Here we present a record of M. silviae, an additional and seventh species for the country. Previously M. silviae was known only from Rio Grande do Sul state, in southern Brazil. The specimen was found in South American Mesopotamian Grasslands ecoregion, with natural grassland in the Department of Itapúa.