Check List 7(6): 745-749, doi: 10.15560/11013
Herpetofauna, Estação Ecológica Estadual do Paraíso, state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil
expand article infoDavor Vrcibradic, Carlos Frederico D. Rocha, Mara Cíntia Kiefer, Fabio Haruki Hatano, Angélica Figueira Fontes, Mauricio Almeida-Gomes, Carla C. Siqueira, Jorge Antonio L. Pontes, Vitor Nelson T. Borges-Junior, Lívia O. Gil, Thaís Klaion, Eduardo C. N. Rubião§, Monique Van Sluys|
‡ Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil§ stituto Estadual do Ambiente do Rio de Janeiro,| iversidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro,
Open Access
The Brazilian Atlantic Forest is one of the richest and most threatened biomes on Earth. In the state of Rio de Janeiro it is presently reduced to less than 20% of its original extension, and faunal lists are needed for several areas. Here we present a species list of amphibians and reptiles for the Estação Ecológica Estadual do Paraíso (EEEP), a forest reserve located in the central portion of Rio de Janeiro state. The list is based on both primary (gathered during a short-term survey by the authors) and secondary data (obtained from a local reference collection). A total of 30 amphibian (of which six are endemic to the state) and 29 reptile species were recorded from the area (of which 25 and 13, respectively, were obtained by primary data). No threatened or presumably threatened species were present among the herpetofauna of the EEEP.