Check List 7(6): 720-744, doi: 10.15560/11009
Thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera) of China
expand article infoMajid Mirab-balou, Xiao-li Tong§, Ji-nian Feng|, Xue-xin Chen
‡ Zhejiang University, China§ South China Agricultural University, China| Northwest A. and F. University, China
Open Access
A new checklist of Thysanoptera from China (including Taiwan) is provided. In total 566 species in 155 genera are listed, of which there are 313 species in the suborder Terebrantia, comprising 290 species in 74 genera in family Thripidae, 18 species in three genera in Aeolothripidae, two species in one genus in Melanthripidae and three species in one genus in Merothripidae. In the suborder Tubulifera 253 species in 76 genera are listed in the single family Phlaeothripidae. Two species, Aeolothrips collaris and Odontothrips meliloti, are newly recorded for the fauna of China.