Check List 7(5): 691-699, doi: 10.15560/7.5.691
Fishes of the Kwilu River (Kasai basin, central Africa): A list of species collected in the vicinity of Kikwit, Bandundu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo
expand article infoJosé Justin Mbimbi Mayi Munene, Melanie L. J. Stiassny
Open Access
A list of fishes collected in the vicinity of Kikwit on the Kwilu River, a large left bank tributary of the Kasai River in the Democratic Republic of Congo is provided. One hundred and thirteen species distributed in 21 families are reported, and of these 29 species are recognized as representing new records for the region. Lack of up-to-date taxonomic and distributional knowledge of African fishes, a problem particularly acute in the central Congo basin, is clearly reflected in this high number of range extensions. While preliminary, this contribution serves as a useful starting point for efforts to understand the ichthyofaunal composition and biogeographic history of the Kasai system; one of the most poorly documented river systems in central Africa.