Check List 7(5): 637-638, doi: 10.15560/7.5.637
Aves, Passeriformes, Cotingidae, Phytotoma rutila (Vieillot, 1818): new record in Brazil
expand article infoJosé Antônio Fazio Sanabria, Daniel Danilewicz, Márcio Borges-Martins
Open Access
The White-tipped Plantcutter Phytotoma rutila has only one documented record for Brazil, that occurred in 1974 in the extreme west of Rio Grande do Sul. We report herein a second record - one individual photographed in April 2009 at a dunefield in the municipality of Capão da Canoa, northern coast of Rio Grande do Sul, about 700 km from the previous one. This new record corroborates the status of vagrant for this species in Brazil.