Check List 7(5): 629-631, doi: 10.15560/7.5.629
Anolis soinii Poe and Yañez-Miranda, 2008 (Squamata: Iguanidae: Polychrotinae): distribution extension, first records for Ecuador and notes on geographic variation
expand article infoFernando Ayala-Varela, Steven Poe, Amaranta Carvajal-Campos, Levi Gray, Julian Davis, Ana Almendáriz
Open Access
The anole lizard Anolis soinii was described from a single locality in northern Peru in 2008. We report the first records of A. soinii from southern Ecuador, Provincia Zamora-Chinchipe: Valladolid-Yangana road; Romerillos Alto; Estación Científica San Francisco; Zamora-Loja road; and Refugio de Vida Silvestre El Zarza. The Valladolid-Yangana road, the nearest record, is approximately 196 km NW from the only known locality of A. soinii (Venceremos, Departamento San Martín, Peru). We also present information on lepidosis and coloration of the new specimens.