Check List 7(5): 612-613, doi: 10.15560/7.5.612
Range extension of Anoura fistulata Muchhala, Mena and Albuja, 2005 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in Peru
expand article infoPaola Gárate-Bernardo, Farah Carrasco-Rueda
Open Access
Anoura fistulata Muchhala, Mena and Albuja, 2005, is distributed from Colombia southward to Bolivia. In Peru, A. fistulata is known from the department of San Martín located in North. Here, we report the first record of A. fistulata to the department of Puno, southern Peru. This is the southernmost reported occurrence of A. fistulata in Peru, and contributes to knowledge of the distribution of this recently described species.