Check List 7(4): 443-447, doi: 10.15560/7.4.443
Mammalia, Chiroptera, Rio Grande, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
expand article infoFernando Marques Quintela, Chyntia Ibarra, Stefan Vilges de Oliveira, Igor Gonçalves Medvedovisky, Fabiano Correa, Dimas Gianuca, Adriana Gava, Susi Missel Pacheco
Open Access
Herein we present a checklist of the bat species recorded in the municipality of Rio Grande, coastal plain of Rio Grande do Sul state. Thirteen species of three families were recorded through field sampling, collection specimen analysis and bibliography compilation. Molossidae and Vespertilionidae, both with five recorded species, were the most representative families, while three species of Phyllostomidae were recorded. Seven species were found in urban areas. In the sampled natural environments, six species were found in riparian systems, being Myotis albescens and Molossus sp. recorded only in these formations. Riparian systems, hence, can represent relevant habitats for chiropteran conservation in coastal areas of southernmost Brazil.