Check List 7(3): 310-312, doi: 10.15560/7.3.310
Aves, Tyrannidae, Fluvicola nengeta (Linnaeus, 1766): new record for Distrito Federal and distribution extension
expand article infoSergei Studart Quintas Filho, Renato de Carvalho Batista, Tiago Fernando Carpi, Raphael Almeida Sousa, Maria da Salete Gurgel Costa, Francisco José Feijó Paiva, Crizanto Brito De-Carvalho
Open Access
This article provides the first record of Fluvicola nengeta in Distrito Federal, Central Brazil. The distance between the new record and the nearest point where it was previously recorded is about 180 km. The deforestation associated with the mechanization and expansion of agropastoral system in the Cerrado biome, coupled with the plasticity of the species to occupy various habitats presents the major contributors in the expansion of F. nengeta, contributing to its increasing expansion in the Midwest region of the Brazil.