Check List 7(3): 270-271, doi: 10.15560/7.3.270
Squamata, Iguania, Anolis punctatus Daudin, 1802 and Tropidurus torquatus (Wied, 1820): distribution extension and new records for Ilha Grande, state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil
expand article infoGisele R. Winck, Davor Vrcibradic, Felipe Bottona da Silva Telles, Vitor Nelson T. Borges-Júnior, Monique Van Sluys, Carlos Frederico D. Rocha
Open Access
The knowledge on the insular reptile fauna from Ilha Grande (state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is mostly restricted to the results of surveys carried out within a limited area, considering the island’s total area of 19,300 ha. Until now, the number of reptile species reported for Ilha Grande amounted to 25 (nine lizards and 16 snakes). Here we present the first records of two lizard species (Anolis punctatus and Tropidurus torquatus) for the island, raising the local reptile list to 27 species. The first one appears to be rare in the area, whereas the second species was found in a portion of the island that has not been previously surveyed for reptiles. Although the presence of T. torquatus in other insular environments may be related to anthropogenic introduction, we believe the population in Ilha Grande to be natural, considering the geological history of the island.