Check List 7(3): 257-262, doi: 10.15560/7.3.257
Vascular grassland plants of Tibagi River Spring, Ponta Grossa, Brazil
expand article infoBianca Ott Andrade, Carina Kozera, Gustavo Ribas Curcio, Franklin Galvão
Open Access
A systematic survey was carried out on wet grasslands found over Histosols at Upper Tibagi River basin, between Ponta Grossa and Palmeira municipalities, in the state of Paraná, Brazil, place of high importance because of soil water retention capability and soil carbon pool composition. We provide a checklist containing 146 species, 96 genera and 42 plant families for the area. Families with higher species richness were Asteraceae (27 species; 21 genera), Poaceae (24; 16) and Cyperaceae (18; 6). Four species were classified as endangered or rare, and one as exotic. The specific richness in wet grassland environments at the state of Paraná underlines the need for conservation efforts encompassing these formations.