Check List 7(3): 248-252, doi: 10.15560/7.3.248
Rotifera, Paranoá reservoir, Brasília, central Brazil
expand article infoClaudia Padovesi-Fonseca, Luciana de Mendonça-Galvão, Clayton Andreoni-Batista
Open Access
This study examined rotifers from Lake Paranoá, an urban reservoir of central Brazil, within an exploratory sampling (from 1996 to 2005) on littoral and deeper areas in the lake and from the mouth of the tributaries of the lake (Torto and Bananal - north part, Gama and Riacho Fundo - south part) and registered five genera and 33 species are new records for the reservoir. This reservoir was subject to intense eutrophication at least during thirty years (1960 to 1998). Since 1999, when the lake underwent intentional flushing, shifts in species composition of rotifers were identified. Four new records were exclusives in triburary of Lake Paranoá. An expressive number of non planktonic species were registered in pelagic zone of Lake Paranoá, specially belong to Collothecidae.