Check List 7(2): 133-138, doi: 10.15560/7.2.133
Plantae, aquatic, amphibian and marginal species, Massaguaçu River estuary, Caraguatatuba, São Paulo, Brazil
expand article infoJose Pedro N. Ribeiro, Leandro K. Takao, Reginaldo S. Matsumoto, Catia Urbanetz, Maria Inês Salgueiro Lima
Open Access
Estuaries are the buffer zones between river and ocean. Because they are under strong tidal influence, their flora must be able to cope with salinity and flooding stress. In the present study we combined results from two surveys we performed in the Massaguaçu River Estuary (23°37’20” S, 54°21’25” W), with the objective of providing a full inventory of its aquatic, amphibian, and marginal flora. We reported 102 species among 77 genera and 47 families, including six Pteridophyta species.