Check List 7(1): 85-100, doi: 10.15560/7.1.85
Magnoliophyta, Arly National Park, Tapoa, Burkina Faso [with erratum]
expand article infoOumarou Ouédraogo, Marco Schmidt, Adjima Thiombiano, Karen Hahn, Sita Guinko, Georg Zizka
Open Access
The Arly National Park of southeastern Burkina Faso is in the center of the WAP complex, the largest continuous system of protected areas in West Africa. Although well known for its large mammal populations, its flora has largely been unexplored until recently. The plant species composition is typical for sudanian savanna areas with a high share of grasses and legumes and similar to other protected areas of the complex, the neighbouring Pama reserve and W National Park. It has more species in common with the classified forest of Kou in SW Burkina Faso than with the geographically closer Sahel reserve. The 490 species belong to 280 genera and 83 families. The most important life forms are phanerophytes and therophytes.