Check List 7(1): 57-63, doi: 10.15560/7.1.57
Aves, Bosque Oriental de Bogotá Protective Forest Reserve, Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
expand article infoCamilo A. Peraza
Open Access
Baseline information is a priority for conservation plans of protected areas, especially when they are of great importance for the maintenance of biodiversity. However, many nature reserves are lacking this information. Here I present a characterization of the avifauna studied along the La Agüadora - San Rafael trail in the Bosque Oriental de Bogotá Protective Forest Reserve. I recorded 67 species after 18 visits done to the study area. The species accumulation curve indicates that the survey was not sufficient, but noteworthy records for Elanus leucurus (Vieillot, 1818), Megascops albogularis (Cassin, 1848), Ciccaba albitaris (Bonaparte, 1850), Caprimulgus longirostris (Sclater, 1866), Synallaxis subpudica Sclater, 1874, Catamenia inornata Berlepsch, 1885 and Atlapetes pallidinucha (Boissoneau, 1840) were obtained. Information provided can be useful for future management plans especially when considering spatial heterogeneity as a key base concept.