Check List 6(4): 687-689, doi: 10.15560/6.4.687
Mollusca, Scaphopoda, Gadilidae, Striocadulus magdalenensis Gracia and Ardila, 2009: first record of the genus and species from Brazil
expand article infoCarlos Henrique Soares Caetano, Franklin Noel dos Santos
Open Access
Striocadulus magdalenensis Gracia and Ardila, 2009 was collected from Brazilian deep waters (700 meters) at North Brazil, off Amapá. This species is characterized by a large shell (length up to 32 mm) and slender profile, wich resembles a Gadila, but with the entire external shell surface longitudinally sculptured with fine, flattened striae of equal length and evenly spaced. This new record, the second to the Atlantic Ocean, extends considerably southwards the distributional range for the genus Striocadulus.
Mollusca; Scaphopoda