Check List 6(4): 683-686, doi: 10.15560/6.4.683
Mammalia, Rodentia, Sigmodontinae, Abrothrix lanosus (Thomas, 1897): topotype, distribution, and new locality records for Chile
expand article infoJonathan A. Guzmán Sandoval
Open Access
Abrothrix lanosus, distributed throughout southern South America, is one of the least known Patagonian sigmodontine rodents. So far, neither a topotype from the type locality, the Madre de Dios Archipelago (Chile), neither specimens from adjacent areas have been collected. In this contribution, seven new recording localities and a topotype are given. The measurements of gross morphological features, including the cranium of the first topotype collected and other seven individuals are reported. Moreover, the findings establish new northern (48°11’ S, 74°25’ W) and western (49°25’ S, 75°27’ W) distribution limits in Chile for the species.