Check List 6(4): 681-682, doi: 10.15560/6.4.681
Reptilia, Squamata, Polychrotidae, Anolis fuscoauratus D'Orbigny, 1837: distribution extension for the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
expand article infoPablo Augusto Gurgel de Sousa, Eliza Maria Xavier Freire
Open Access
We provide the first record of Anolis fuscoauratus D’Orbigny, 1837 for the state of Rio Grande do Norte and a distribution map for the species in the Atlantic Rainforest of northeastern Brazil. The record of A. fuscoauratus in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Norte, represents a distribution extension of 170 km northwestern from the municipality of Cabedelo, state of Paraíba. This is the northernmost record of this species in the Atlantic Rainforest.