Check List 6(4): 572-575, doi: 10.15560/6.4.572
Pisces, Gymnotiformes, Hypopomidae, Brachyhypopomus Mago-Leccia, 1994: first country record of three species of the genus, Argentina
expand article infoAdriana Almirón, Jorge Casciotta, Liliana Ciotek, Pablo Giorgis, Paula Soneira, Federico Ruíz Díaz
Open Access
Brachyhypopomus bombilla, B. draco and B. gauderio are recorded for the first time in freshwaters of Argentina. These species were collected in the Río Paraná basin at the Iberá Wetlands and Pre-Delta National Park. Brachyhypopomus bombilla, B. draco and B. gauderio can be sympatric and syntopic in Pre-Delta National Park, whereas B. bombilla and B. gauderio occupy the same environments in the Iberá Wetlands. Some records of B. brevirostris for Argentina are misidentifications of B. gauderio, whereas others could correspond to one of these three species.