Check List 6(4): 549-551, doi: 10.15560/6.4.549
Mammalia, Chiroptera, Molossidae, Molossops temminckii (Burmeister, 1854), and Vespertilionidae, Eptesicus furinalis (d’Orbigny and Gervais, 1847): new locality record and distribution extension in Córdoba Province, Argentina
expand article infoMaría Cecilia Castilla, Juan José Martínez, María Mónica Díaz
Open Access
During a field trip to the Ramsar site “Bañados del Río Dulce y Laguna Mar Chiquita” we captured three specimens of Molossops temminckii (Burmeister, 1854) and two of Eptesicus furinalis (d’Orbigny and Gervais, 1847). Molossops temminckii has a wide distribution in Argentina, but this new record represents the second mention of the species for the Cordoba Province after 13 years. The specimens of E. furinalis represent the tenth record for Cordoba and the second for Río Primero Department. This new information reflects the scarcity of systematic studies on bats in Cordoba Province.