Check List 6(4): 488-490, doi: 10.15560/6.4.488
Myrtaceae, Myrcia squamata (Mattos and D. Legrand) Mattos and Myrceugenia seriatoramosa (Kiaersk.) D. Legrand and Kausel in Santa Catarina: distribution extension
expand article infoFábio Christiano Speck Vieira, Karin Esemann de Quadros
Open Access
Myrtaceae have pantropical distribution, with about 3,500 to 5,800 species in the world, and about 1,000 in Brazil. In Santa Catarina state, 23 species of Myrceugenia and 37 species of Myrcia, included Gomidesia in this genus, are known. Collection trips were made in the cities of Garuva and Joinville, where Myrcia squamata and Myrceugenia seriatoramosa were found for the first time in Santa Catarina. Currently, 38 species of Myrcia and 24 of Myrceugenia are confirmed, increasing the number of Myrtaceae species in this state.