Check List 6(3): 442-444, doi: 10.15560/6.3.442
Hymenoptera, Formicidae Latreille, 1809: new records for Atlantic Forest in the state of Rio de Janeiro
expand article infoSergio Veiga-Ferreira, Guilherme Orsolon-Souza, Antonio José Mayhé-Nunes
Open Access
Standardized sample design helped to increase our knowledge on the ant fauna of Brazilian biomes, in particular leaf litter ants of Atlantic Forest. In this study are presented the new records of nine ant species for the state of Rio de Janeiro: Amblyopone armigera Mayr, 1897, A. elongata (Santschi, 1912), Prionopelta punctulata Mayr, 1866, Lachnomyrmex plaumanni Borgmeier, 1957, Trachymyrmex iheringi (Emery, 1887), Pachycondyla arhuaca Forel, 1901, P. stigma (Fabricius, 1804), Thaumatomyrmex mutilatus Mayr 1887 and Proceratium brasiliense Borgmeier, 1959. They were captured during three systematic inventories carried out in Tinguá Biological Reserve, in Restinga da Marambaia and in Vista Chinesa Forest Reserve. Winkler’s extractors and pitfall traps were used as sampling techniques to access ants’ fauna.