Check List 6(3): 427-429, doi: 10.15560/6.3.427
Amphibia, Anura, Leiuperidae, Physalaemus cicada Bokermann, 1966: first records for the state of Sergipe
expand article infoFrancis Luiz Santos Caldas, Crizanto Brito De-Carvalho, Daniel Olivera Santana, Rafael Alves dos Santos, Bruno Duarte da Silva, Renato Gomes Faria
Open Access
The genus Physalaemus is distributed from north to south in South America, east at Andes. Physalaemus cicada, belongs to the Physalaemus cuvieri group, is widely distributed and is usually found in the Caatinga calling in lentic and/or temporary water bodies. Herein, we present the first records of Physalaemus cicada for the state of Sergipe, corresponding to two localities (Serra da Guia and Monumento Natural Grota do Angico) in the municipality of Poço Redondo.