Check List 6(3): 419-426, doi: 10.15560/6.3.419
Reptilia, Gymnophthalmidae, Micrablepharus maximiliani (Reinhardt and Lutken, 1861): distribution extension, new state record and geographic distribution map
expand article infoMário Ribeiro de Moura, Jussara Santos Dayrell, Vinícius de Avelar São-Pedro
Open Access
We provide records for Micrablepharus maximiliani from state of Minas Gerais and present a map representing its distribution. The record of M. maximiliani from municipality of Resplendor, Minas Gerais, represents a distribution extension of 1,050 km southern from the type locality at the municipality of Maruim, Sergipe. Others 57 new records are presented based on specimens housed in several Brazilian and Paraguayan herpetological collections, improving the knowledge on geographic distribution of M. maximiliani in South America.